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christmas movies

Right so my favourite christmas movies are:

Its a Wonderful Life
Home Alone 1 & 2
Love Actually
Miracle on 34th Street
Lord of the Rings (ok shut up not christmas movies i know but they were out round that time!)
Harry Potter movies (see above)
The Family Man
The Holiday
National Lampoons Christmas
The Grinch

I shall keep on adding to this list :-)
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I am in love with Jessica/Jason from True Blood. They are crazy hot.

Here is my link to my movie blog:

And here are my top movies to look forward to in 2012

Release date 12/01/2012

Release date 27/01/2012

Release date 02/03/2012

Release date 23/03/2012

Release date 13/04/2012

Released date 27/04/2012

Release date 11/05/2012

Release date 18/05/2012

Release date 08/06/2012

Release date 03/07/2012

Release date 20/07/2012

Release date 12/12/2012

Release date 14/12/2012

Release date 25/12/2012

Release date... 2012
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EEEEEE! Hunger Games here we come! I cannot wait. That trailer was epic, the ending? Brilliant! It really teased us! I loved the glimpses of the Capitol and I liked how they focused on 'before' the games and didn't spoil the actual games. We have so much to look forward to. And i love, love, love Peeta. I know most fans don't like him for Peeta but he has really grown on me and now I can't see anyone else. And i loved the little glimpse of some Katniss/Peeta love. Omg i cannot wait to see the love between them in this movie <3. Bring it!!

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Twilight questionaire snagged from L_L

No one was going to bite me.

Favorite book: Twilight

Least favorite book:  Eclipse

Favorite movie: Twilight

Least favorite movie:  New Moon

Favorite character: Edward

Other top favorite characters: Alice and Carlisle.

Character(s) you really dislike:  Jacob

Favorite couple/ship: Edward/Bella

Second favorite couple/ship: I really love Alice/Jasper and Carlisle/Esme equally.

Favorite vampire: Edward, of course.

Favorite wolf: Seth, he's really the only likeable one there.

Favorite human: Jessica in the movies, she's hilarious and i can't say in the books... maybe Renee or Angela?

Couple/ship you really dislike: Jacob/Bella

Favorite E/B moment in Twilight: Too many to name really, I love the first time she see him. Everything changes from then on, I loved The Angel chapter and the Prom and oh I loved the baseball part. Its been a long time since I've read this book but it's such a sweet story, its kinda hard to believe everything that comes after this book.

Favorite E/B moment in New Moon: Without a doubt the reunion in Italy, the plane journey home and of course the bedroom speach.

Favorite E/B moment in Eclipse: All the times Bella tried to seduce Edward, the proposal, when Bella tried to get Edward not to fight, the final part 'i love you, i want you, right now'.

Favorite E/B moment in Breaking Dawn: Wedding, first time on the honeymooon and all those scenes after that, Bella seeing Edward for the first time as a vampire, the cottage sex and the final two pages when she lets Edward into her mind.

Favorite moments of 2nd favorite couple: To be honest I can't remember, any backstory between Alice and Jasper.

Favorite non-E/B related scenes: I LOVE any mention of Edward and his daughter, they are few and far between but I cherish them (I'm hoping the movie will add a lot of Dadward scenes) and I also love any Cullen interation, you can really see how much they love each other.

Favorite movie casting choice(s):  Rob as Edward, Billy Burke as Charlie, Jackson Rathboon as Jasper and Kellan Lutz as Emmett. All fit my mental image of the characters.

Least favorite movie casting choice(s): Nikki Reed as Rosalie. Not at all how Rosalie is described. And I have to say, at time - especially during Eclipse Kristen Stewart as Bella. She made her too strong, too feminist and in doing so made her harsh and cruel and quite frankly a bitch. She had very little redeeming qualities, Bella is meant to be a shy, unasumming, insecure teenage girl not a miserable cow who doesn't seem to care who she hurts.

Actor(s) cast in movie that best meets the picture in your head:  Rob as Edward, in Twilight anyway. After Twilight they decided to cake him in five layers of white paste and put lazer beem contacts in I'm not sure why but anyway Twilight Rob as Edward is perfect in my eyes.

Scene(s) in movie that best meets the picture in your head: Probably the Prom. It really captured the romance and magic from the book. And their dance was perfect.

Setting/location in movie that best meets the picture in your head:  Forks, they really captured the whole eery and dreariness of the town.

Favorite movie moments in Twilight: Caferteria entrance (cheesy but I love it), when Mike asks Bella to prom and Edward is standing there all cocky and arrogant and Bella is swooning - totally love that part, their first kiss and Prom.

Favorite movie moments in New Moon: Theres not much to choose from but I'd say the part in Italy where the Volturi had hold of Edward and Bella is begging for his life, 'you know nothing about his soul', probably the only moment in the whole film where we get a glimpse of how she feels about Edward, how she cannot live without him. Which is sad considering the whole book was about that, never mind hey.

Favorite movie moments in Eclipse:  Proposal, the my Bella scene, the little hug between E/B that was so much like the book. Think thats it though.

Favorite movie soundtrack: Too much to choose from - I'd say Twilight mainly because thats the soundtrack i listen to the most.

Favorite soundtrack song from Twilight: Flightless Bird, American Mouth.

Favorite soundtrack song from New Moon: Possibility, Slow Life, No Sound but the Wind.

Favorite soundtrack song from Eclipse: My Love, All Yours.

Favorite Edward, Bella, or E/B quotes or conversations: The run to Edward in New Moon  

I’d never seen anything more beautiful — even as I ran, gasping and screaming, I could appreciate that. And the last seven months meant nothing. And his words in the forest meant nothing. And it did not matter if he did not want me. I would never want anything but him, no matter how long I lived.

Favorite book quotes (non E/B): To be honest, i really don't know. Does the speach Bella gave to Jacob about how she loves Edward count? You know the  'i don't love him beacause he's rich....'? Well thats mine! Haha!

Favorite movie quotes: Erm thats far too hard, theres like none! Thanks to Melissa Rosenberg.

Day you first read Twilight (before/after movie): before, January 2008 I think.

Have you read all of Midnight Sun: Yes.

Favorite fanfiction: I have tons but I guess Summer of Salt by Lola Pops and For the Summer by Camoozle are my two favourites of all time.

Unanswered question you still have about the series/Twilight world: Was Jacob and Bella's connection, in a romantic sense, because of Renesmee all along? As soon as she was born it seemed anything they felt towards one another in a romantic way, dissapeared as soon as Nessie was born. Was it because Bella held Jacobs soulmate in her uterus? It certainly seemed that way. And why for the love of God did you take away Edwards chance to move on, past Bella. If she ever did choose Jacob, why couldn't Edward move on to someone else in the future - everyone else had the chance to fall in love again, why can't he?

Favorite promotional shot and/or movie still (anything released before the movies were out): I loved the first Cullen shots that were released, the excitement over them will never be topped.And the Prom ones were incredible. I've enjoyed the Breaking Dawn ones we've had however they are tinged with wariness and expected dissapointment because we've been let down so many times and it just feels like we can't get excited anymore, we now know to expect the worst.

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Here I am once again

 A few basic things you should know about me :-

I'm 25
I'm Birtish
I love travelling and I doubt I will ever get to explore everywhere I want to go.
My family are friends are everything to me, as well as my boyfriend.
I love books and films
My degree is in film studies and english literature so yeah, above point kinda proved.
I'm no film snob and will watch anything before I judge it.
I exercise quite a lot, it makes me feel good.
I get bored easily, I need things to occupy my brain because I like to focus on things.
I have a slight obsession with Robert Pattinson, I think hes the sexiest thing on the planet, and also absolutely hilarious.

Thats the main criteria of me.
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